Sleep Tactics for Better Performance sponsored by Gatorade Performance Partner

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Tune in to Amy Bender, MS, PhD as she discusses optimal sleep is critical for health and considered one of the most potent performance enhancers available. During sleep, many processes take place including repairing and rebuilding muscle, and the pruning and forming of new memories. For an athlete, sub-optimal sleep can lead to impaired mood, shorter time to exhaustion, poor nutrition choices, and greater injury risk. We will discuss the importance of making sure athletes get sufficient quantity, quality and timing of sleep – so they can perform better on and off the field.

Following this session, attendees will be able to:
• Define what constitutes good sleep including optimal sleep quantity, quality, and timing of sleep.
• Dispel sleep myths for yourself and translate that knowledge into sleep education for your athletes in a meaningful way
• Implement sleep screening strategies and identification of maladaptive sleep behaviors such in the athletes you are working with
• Implement other sleep strategies including “banking sleep” and napping

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