Fat Metabolism During Exercise sponsed by Gatorade

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Register now for Fat Oxidation During Exercise, a FREE webinar presented by Dr. Rebecca Randell and sponsored by Gatorade.  Dr. Randell will discuss the latest research of fat metabolism during exercise as well as nutritional and training interventions that affect fat oxidation. This webinar will have implications for sports dietitians and those working directly with athletes.

Following this session, attendees will be able to:

  • Gain a better understanding of fat metabolism regulation during exercise
  • Understand how fat oxidation can be measured during exercise
  • Form a balanced opinion on the potential nutritional and training interventions that may affect fat oxidation

Speaker Bio:
Rebecca Randell, PhD is a Senior Scientist for Gatorade Sports Science Institute and her current role involves managing and supporting GSSI service engagements in LATAM and APAC. She has a background in exercise physiology and sports nutrition and earned her PhD from the University of Birmingham, UK where her thesis focused on nutrition interventions and fat oxidation rates during exercise. Rebecca is involved in developing techniques to support athletic performance and has extensive experience working with elite athletes such as FC Barcelona, Manchester City FC, and Olympic Badminton players.


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