Expert Session: The Female (and Male) Athlete Triad: Updates and Screening Tools to Prevent Low BMD

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As a result of Title IX, female athletic participation has increased by more than 1000 percent over the last four decades. Numerous physiological and psychological benefits are afforded to those who participate in regular physical activity, including long-term protection against diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes, as well as improved bone health, and a reduction in anxiety. However, medical issues can arise in both active males and females if proper care is not taken to match energy intake to energy expenditure. This presentation will discuss the spectra of nutrition implications and health issues associated with the female and male athlete triad and the updated evidence-based parallels in males. In addition, it will highlight the 2014 Female Athlete Triad Coalition Consensus Statement on Treatment and Return to Play that aims to provide clinical guidelines for physicians, athletic trainers, and other healthcare providers for the screening tools, diagnosis, and treatment of the Triad.