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The American Sports and Performance Dietitians Association (ASPDA) empowers its members to be the authority in sports nutrition. It is with this vision and the mission of creating leaders who elevate the profession of sports nutrition through ethical, science-based, cutting edge care that inspired the ASPDA Board of Directors to create this interactive toolkit for its members.

Whether you are new in your career or decades in, the goal is that this toolkit’s contents will inspire, challenge, and enable you to take action to elevate yourself and/or the program that you are leading.  This toolkit does not provide answers on how to calculate energy needs or write meal plans – ASPDA members are well versed in how to be performance dietitians. Nor will it provide you the exact blueprint for how to take a program with one dietitian to a team of dietitians. It is also not designed to give you the exact words you will need to pitch your ideas to your department heads, or how to have a difficult conversation with an employee. What it will give you are practical tools to work through, examples to help you evaluate your own situation, opportunities to think critically, and encouragement to challenge your growth. If you have been looking for a practical guide to take your practice to the next level, then look no further and get ready to work.

Have fun and good luck; we are so excited to see where this leads our members!

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