Combat & Weight Class Sports Nutrition Summit

March 27-28, 2023 | Virtual

The Combat and Weight Class Sports Nutrition Summit will provide sports dietitians of all experience, students, and other interested professionals a foundation of knowledge regarding the state of the evidence in combat sports nutrition.  Areas of focus will include the acute weight making process, fueling for weight management throughout the year, considerations for female combat athletes, translating science to practice, discussion of the varying demands within different competitive environments and cultivating tools for practitioners in a variety of practice areas. Those pursuing a private practice will be provided education on engagement strategies and tools to navigate the many challenges and barriers that may be experienced. Case studies from a variety of settings will be presented to demonstrate real-time applications for sports nutrition. Attendees can also expect to gain connectivity through development of a network of colleagues and mentors within the weight making practice area.

The 2023 summit will take place virtually and will blend presentations, case studies, and practice area specific discussions and networking to provide attendees what they need to make an impact in combat and weight class sports settings!

Members: $150
Non-members: $250
9.5 CDR CEUs

A recording of this event will be available to all registered attendees


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