Combat & Weight Class Sports Nutrition Summit

Brought to you by Notemeal and Momentous

March 27-28, 2022

UFC Performance Institute, Las Vegas, Nevada

The Combat and Weight Class Sports Nutrition Summit will provide sports dietitians of all experience, students and other interested professionals a foundation of knowledge regarding the weight making process and challenges, provide best practices with regards to fueling, weight loss and weight making, performance physiology and psychology, discussion of the varying demands within different competitive environments and connectivity through development of a network and mentors within the weight making practice area.  The 2022 summit will take place at the UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas and will blend experiential learning with presentations, panels and group discussion to provide attendees what they need to make an impact in combat and weight class sports setting!

Capacity is limited to 45 attendees.

This event has reached capacity and registration is now closed.

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