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Not Just Another Beet

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One shot = 6 beets = 2 bottles of beet juice

better than beet juice: Pure Nutrition
Beet Juice Is Good: Beets Are Rich in Dietary Nitrates. Clinically Shown to Improve Athletic Performance By Up to 20%. Widely Used by Olympic Athletes at 2012 London Games. BeetElite NeoShot is Better: Activates Nitric Oxide 3x Faster. Nitric Oxide Potential of 6 Beets in a Single 4oz. Serving. Nitric Oxide Potential of 2 Full Half-Liter Bottles of Beet Juice. Superior Organic Beets. Patented Neogenis Nitric Oxide Technology.

How We Beet the Competition: Nitric Oxide Potential

BeetElite NeoShot is easy to use! Just mix 1 shot pack (10g) thoroughly with 4 oz. of water. Use 30 minutes before workout or competition. For best results, avoid mixing with citrus juice.


Neo N-O How: Patented Science

Nature Centered. Science Driven.
Neogenis is a Global Leader in Nitric Oxide Research and Product Development. 2 Nitric Oxide Technology Patents Issued & 4 Patents Pending. Association with The University of Texas Department of Molecular Science. Globally Recognized Science Team: John Ivy, Ph.D. Head of The UT Kinesiology Department for 13 years and author of the book Nutrient Timing. Nathan Bryan Ph.D. Globally recognized as one of the definitive experts on Nitric Oxide science. Tricia Griffin, RD, CSSD. Over 25 years experience in the field of Sports Nutrition and Wellness as an RD.

Performance Benefits. Peak Performance.
Endurance. Intensity. Recovery.



Learn more about how BeetElite can help... increase endurance, intensity & aide recovery
Proof It Works: Actual thermographic images indicate increase in heat from blood flow after drinking BeetElite.


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Neogenis® Sport

BeetElite NeoShot. Increase Endurance Performance. Improve Training Intensity. Optimize Recovery.

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Neogenis Sport

Nutrition Facts. Ingredients: Organic Beetroot crystals, Natural Flavors, Malic Acid, and Stevia Leaf Extract.

Long training days? No worries! BeetElite NEOSHOT stays at an effective level for up to 6 hours! Can be taken 30 minutes before exercise.

Vegan. Gluten Free. Non-GMO

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“BeetElite gave me a huge boost in my energy and endurance in my weight workouts and intense trainings for football. During weights or sprints, I felt the power to keep pushing past that “wall” while my teamates slowed down.”
- Sean C., Collegiate Football Defensive End
“I especially felt the effects the 3rd and 4th time I took the product. When playing 3 hours of basketball per day, endurance and recovery are crucial.”
- Tanner K., Collegiate Basketball player

BeetElite NeoShot 10-count stick pack

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Neogenis® Sport